Bewl Canoe Club

Have a Go - what this is for club members

(If you are not a member see this page)

have a  go 2011

As a club once or twice a year we run a have-a-go day or weekend. This is run by us, the members, to encourage anyone who wishes to try paddling to have a go.

This is a great opportunity for get to meet other club members and learn form others more about the club. With many members helping it is an easy and fun day. On the weekend have-a-go's we usually have a club BBQ organised on the Saturday evening for all members and friends and family. For members how have helped for atleast half a day this BBQ is free and there is a small charge for other members and their family members who join us.

Please can all members who can come along for all or part of the day(s) to help do so. This is the only thing we ask all members to help out with during the year (you are always welcome to offer help at other times for other things but this have-a-go is a biggy).

This event is open to all the public and at can be very busy when the weather is good. It is a great way for your friends and family to have a go as well.

There are many jobs that need to be done. Please offer for all or part of the day. If you have a preference for what you would like to do in the way of helping then hopefully that can be accommodated.

Roles to help with:

Setting up (as many people as possible)

  • All club boats need to be got out the shed and taken to th e waters edge (loads of help welcomed). This may happen on the Friday evening or on the morning a couple of hours before have-s-go starts
  • Put up gazebo for registration (if you have one to lend the club we may need to borrow it please)
  • Get all paperwork / float /etc ready for registration
  • Put up one or two tents for members to get changed in, keep bags (if raining), somewhere to rest and shelter from the sun/rain in between helping (if you have one to set up on the day for members to use we would b e grateful for the use of it)
  • Set up all buoyancy aids in rails or wire, sorted into sizes and neatly on hangers read for use
  • set up paddles in to sorted piles and handedness ready for use
  • Get all the boats on the waters edge pointing towards the water for use checking the bung is in, it has bouyancy bags (kayaks), is not too full of water, with foot rests set at sensible length

Registration (2 people)

  • Taking details of the person wishing to have-a-go
  • Taking the money from this person
  • Assigning a time to paddle (usually the next session in a few minutes)

Issuing and checking Kit (minimum 3 people)

  • Slection correct bouyancy aid
  • Checking the buoany aid has been put on correclty and safely
  • Selecting a paddler for the paddler to use (kayak/canadian, lenth, left/rignt handed)
  • Give a quick description of how to paddle and some safetly advise (hold onto you boat, wait for help, ...)

Waters edge (can be very physically tiring, minimum 3 people)

  • Issue boats to paddlers (making sure they can slide out of kayaks safely and can not get wedged in)
  • Give any guidance people ask for
  • Push people out on the water
  • Water safety, keep an eye on what is going on on the water, raise alarm or get coahes attention if required (bring a throw line if you have one)
  • pull peoples boats off the water at the end of session
  • At end of each session guide people to give bouyany aids and paddles back from where they collected them
  • Empty water from boats (only if there is an excessive amount)
  • Turn boats around to face the lake ready for the next session

Saftey on the water (minimum 4 people, ideally all coaches. More if busy and windy)

  • All coaches that are happy to be on they water to give safety cover
  • Tow paddles back up wind if blown too far away (bring tow lines and oter safety equipment you own)
  • Marshal paddlers so they stay in the designated have-a-go area ofd the lake and too keep up wind if windy
  • Police paddlers to behave appropriately (spashing and safe messing around allowed and ofter encouraged :) )

Clearing Up (as many people as possible, really please don't go home until this is done - it is really hard work with just a few tired dedicated members)

  • pretty much the reverse of setting up
  • All club boats need to go back to the shed (loads of help welcomed).
  • Put up gazeebo away
  • Clear up all paperwork / float /etc from registration. Keep safely records of people who paddled and incident reports (if any)
  • Take down tent(s) and pack them up , return to owner
  • Take back to boat sheds and put away all bouyany aids and rails or wire, neatly on hangers read for use for club nights
  • Take back to shed and put away neatly paddles ready for use on club nights
  • Get all the boats from the waters edge back to the shed and put away in shed in correct places (these places should all be clearly labled so everyone can know where boats go)


People who are not member of the club turn up and essentially turn up and paddle with volunteer experienced paddlers (us the members) on the water with you to help keep them safe. More specifically:

  • turn up find the 'Bewl Canoe Club' registration near the waters edge
  • register your name and pay a small fee
  • get issued a bouancy aid (a bouyanct aid is a bit like a life jacket) and a club member will check you have fitted it safelt & correctly
  • get issued a paddle, we make sure it is the right type, size and left or right handed to suit you
  • get issued a boat (we have kayaks, 2 and and even 3 man kayaks, Canadian Canoes, sit on tops)
  • go paddling
  • have fun