Bewl Canoe Club

Have a Gohave a go 2011

As a club once or twice a year we run a have-a-go day or weekend. This is run by club members, all volunteers, to encourage anyone who wishes to try paddling to have a go.  (I am a member what does this mean for me?)

Who can come? This is open to anyone, we may require that you are able swim a minimum distance but you do not need any experience to have a go. Members are encouraged to come to help out.

What do I need? Nothing, but it is highly recommended you bring a towel and spare set of clothes as you will get a bit wet from drips from the paddle. We provide you with a buoyancy aid, paddle and boat.

How long do I get? You will get half an hour paddling on the water, longer if it is very quiet.

What does it cost? We charge a small fee or a few pounds.

Can I book my turn? No, we do not take booking before the day itself. Depending on the day and the voluntary club members running it you may be able to turn up earlier in the day to book a session for later in the day.

What does it involve? Essentially you turn up and paddle with volunteer experienced paddlers on the water with you to help keep you safe. More specifically:

  • turn up find the 'Bewl Canoe Club' registration near the waters edge
  • register your name and pay a small fee
  • get issued a buoyancy aid (a buoyancy aid is a bit like a life jacket) and a club member will check you have fitted it safelt & correctly
  • get issued a paddle, we make sure it is the right type, size and left or right handed to suit you
  • get issued a boat (we have kayaks, 2 and and even 3 man kayaks, Canadian Canoes, sit on tops)
  • go paddling
  • have fun
  • go home with a smile on your face and a story to tell (optionally facebook you friends with pictures of your day out)

Planned Have-a-go days: 14th & 15th July 2018

(see club calendar for future years)