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Club Coached and Lead Sessions - What to Expect, Guidelines and Rules to Follow

Until the Coronavirus outbreak is fully controlled, these or similar measures will ensure everyone's safety.

At least 48 hours before the session

Book in with Club secretary or Coach/Leader. Group sizes are limited. A record of attendance is kept and NHS notified if relevant to a Coronavirus occurrence.

Don't turn up unannounced.

Cancel if you feel at all unwell.

Personal and Club Equipment 

Use of personal equipment is HIGHLY recommended. If using CLUB EQUIPMENT the following applies:

Only the Coach/Leader and ONE Club Member are permitted to enter the shed at any one time.

You may be asked to help sanitise equipment at the end of the session and help pack it away.

The shed will be locked as the session begins.


Arrive at least 15 MINUTES before this time to be sure of accessing equipment.

Any equipment in the shed not sanitised after its last use will have remained unused for at least 72 hours.

Personal Hygiene, Toilets and Changing Rooms

The changing rooms/toilets in the main block are open but NOT SANCTIONED for use.

Public access makes it impossible for us to control their use to conform to Government guidelines.

The single toilet between the shed and the slipways, used by BCC and the Rowing Club, is managed and equipped appropriately with soap, water, hand towels etc. You will be told the keycode by your Coach/Leader.

Hand sanitiser is also available from the sheds.

On the Water

Groups must not exceed 6, Coach/Leader plus 5 Members or Inductees.

Activities/Routes will be designed to preclude the need for RESCUES, during which social distancing would be compromised.

In the event of an emergency, a rescue will be provided.

Paddlers will maintain 2-metre social distancing both on and off the water.

If you feel at all unwell whilst on the water tell the Coach/Leader and you will be accompanied back to the slipways.

Enjoy learning new skills or just paddling safely on this fabulous stretch of water.

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