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What to expect when paddling at Bewl, guidelines and rules to follow.

Click here to read our updated guidelines.


Club paddling at Bewl Water

There are numerous opportunities to join a regular club paddle on Bewl Water throughout the year. The club paddles on the following days and times:

  • Monday mornings at 10:30

  • Thursday mornings at 10:30

  • Friday evening at 16:45 (until half an hour before sunset during the summer months, April to October)

  • Saturday mornings at 10:00


Public taster sessions (£20)

Public taster sessions are offered to potential new members or those who wish to enjoy a beautiful day paddling on Bewl. You will learn about club rules, paddling safety and equipment. 


Club trips

Mainly during the summer months (BST months) there are several trips arranged for club members. These range from paddling on the sea, gentle paddles along the Medway and other rivers, night paddles, white water trips to Wales etc.


Pool sessions (£10)

We have less club paddling in the winter months (GMT) so we hire local swimming pools and practice our skills. This is an excellent environment for club members to practice paddling skills and rolling without getting too cold! Each club member that attends a pool session is required to pay a £10 contribution towards hiring costs.


River paddling

River paddling

You will require a license for rivers controlled by the River Authority. This can be obtained by being a member of the British Canoeing and carrying your British Canoeing members license card with you.


Club river trips

You do require a license for club trips on rivers. You have two options, one is being a member of British Canoeing and carrying your British Canoeing members license card with you and the other being a member of Bewl Canoe Club and paddling in a club boat with a license sticker on it. 


Group taster session

Group taster sessions are closed sessions organised at times that do not conflict with club sessions. We run taster sessions for local schools, scouts, brownies and other clubs. The aim is to introduce paddling to members of our community. Please contact us if you are interested in setting up a taster session for a group.


Club training

Throughout the season we offer members informal paddling training during our club sessions. We also offer the following most years:

  • Paddling Skills: Paddle Awards, Start, Discover and Explore. Moving on to the Performance award of your choice.

  • Safety: Foundation Safety & Rescue Training (FSRT), First Aid

  • Coaching: all members are encouraged to help with training, teamwork is highly valued and will help keep the club running smoothly. Our coaches hold instructor/leadership certificates. We are also privileged to have higher level coaches on our team. 

Syllabuses can be found on the British Canoeing website.

British Canoeing is the national governing body for our sport. It has many resources on its website. Bewl Canoe Club actively encourages all members to join British Canoeing.


British Canoeing has developed a Personal Performance Award Scheme to encourage paddlers of all ages to improve their paddling and safety skills. 

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