​Bewl Canoe Club Safety Rules


  • All canoeists must have valid third party insurance cover to participate in water activities. If you are a paid up member of the Club you are covered for third party insurance cover through the Club’s membership of British Canoeing.

  • All boats must have adequate buoyancy to support the canoe and the canoeists in the event of capsize.

  • Buoyancy aids are to be worn at all times during paddling activities or when on the jetties.

  • When the water temperature is 10 degrees C or below paddling can only take place if clothing appropriate to weather and water conditions are worn. Eg Drysuit with thermal layers or a winter wetsuit 4mm or thicker.Coaches reserve the right to refuse any paddler not wearing the appropriate clothing.

  • Members over the age of 16 may canoe in a group of not less than three provided that at least one member of that group is shown to hold a Bewl Explore Award \ 2* award and FRST/CST or is deemed proficient by the Club appointed coaches.

  • Solo paddling is not advised but where members age 18 and over they may canoe in a group of less than 3 provided that at least one member of that group is shown to hold a Bewl Explore award / 2* award and  FSRT/CST and is deemed proficient by the Club appointed coaches.

  • Any child under the age of 16 will be allowed to canoe only when accompanied by a supervising adult/parent who is in possession of a Bewl Explore Award / 2* award and FSRT/CST.

  • All members and their guests going onto the water must sign out and in on their return using the Signing Out Register form. (Kept in the water users and recreation room)

  • Canoeing will only be allowed in poor visibility at the discretion of the Duty Ranger. All members and guests are to ensure they follow the instructions of the Duty Ranger.

  • At least one member in the group is required to carry a working mobile phone which has stored the number of the Fishing Lodge or Office 01892 890000 and dial option1

  • (Bewl Rangers 01892 890486) to be used only in an emergency - note this will transfer into the Rangers radio system if unanswered after 10 rings).

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